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Game Details

Weapon Types

Our equipment comes with 8 default weapon types. The Battle Rifle, Burst Rifle, SMG, Heavy Machine Gun, Shot Gun, Sniper, Battle Cannon, and Assault Laser.

Special Weapon Types

Special weapon types like our charge rifle and laser rifle and our new infected gun type are unique and allow more fresh game play opportunities.

Custom Weapon Slots

3 customs weapon slots gives you even more freedom to create weapon types of your choosing for quick selection.

Primary and Secondary Weapon Slots

A first of it’s kind feature that lets players equip 2 different weapon types. Players can switch weapons on the fly on the battlefield. When used with our Utility Box you can create power weapons that players can pick up in the heat of battle to get an edge over their enemy.

Game Types

Games like Free for All, Team Battle, VIP, and our widely popular INFECTION game mode will mean you get a fresh experience each and every time you play.

Auto Respawn

This allows you to set an automatic time to respawn back into the game. When a player is eliminated a timer ticks down on the LCD that will tell the player when they can join back into the fun.

Kids Mode

Kids mode allows you to bring family friendly shooting and death sounds when needed on the fly. This works great in situations with parents or teachers who don’t want the realistic sound effects.

Infection Mode

Infection game mode is fan favorite and unique to our gear. Red players must survive the infection(green player). When a red player is dies he joins the infected team and must try and eliminate the rest of his old team mates. Do you think you can survive?

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